Manchester United and Belgium forward Romelu Lukaku has linked up with childhood friend and Belgian rapper TheColorGrey to collaborate on a track called "New Levels" which releases today. 

"New Levels" is of course a PUMA Football strap-line this season and the brand are officially in on the collaboration which sees the track focus on the story of the pair's challenging childhood in Antwerp, Belgium, of which Lukaku's was well documented in a recent The Players' Tribune article.

Lukaku is now one of the world's most expensive strikers whilst TheColorGrey has grafted to become one of Belgium's most successful rap artists, and this link up is a marker in their meteoric rises. Lines from Lukaku's story are worked into the track as these two friends speak of how they turned nothing into a wealth of success. Inspirational on any level, in any respective field.

The big Belgian is the frontman on the pitch, but leaves the vocals to TheColorGrey for the "New Levels" track, although PUMA have released a bit of studio footage of Lukaku rapping to "D'Evils" by Jay Z.