"I've got the big size twelves on my feet." It's been a busy week for Romelu Lukaku, he's signed for Manchester United, been mistaken for Stormzy on the front page of a national paper and now his inevitable move to adidas looks to be a step closer to completion having marked his first United training session in the Nemeziz silo.

It's a double transfer that looks to have been in the pipeline long before the 2016/17 season was up. Lukaku made no secret of his desire to respectfully leave Everton and for the most part of last season he was switching between Nike, adidas and PUMA boots as he remained uncontracted. He was waiting. Waiting for the United deal to be completed before making it a double signing by agreeing terms with Manchester United sponsor adidas, much in the same way his pal Paul Pogba did. As of yet, the deal with adidas isn't official but expect confirmation in the coming days.

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What isn't clear yet is which adidas boot silo the big man will wear. Lukaku slipped into the laceless adidas Nemeziz+ 360 Agility for his first Manchester United training session, but teammate Juan Mata shared a photo of Lukaku's X 17.1 boots in the changing room indicating that Lukaku will be trialling both before he makes his choice. A big coup for adidas as they snap up one of the Premier League's top strikers, and one that will no doubt play a big part in their marketing campaigns, along with Pogba.

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The X is a boot that Lukaku is familiar with having worn it last season, but adidas may be tempted to lure him into the Nemeziz to bolster the squad of players wearing their latest generation silo. Linking up with his new teammates as United trained in Los Angeles, Lukaku is expected to make his Manchester United debut on July 16 against LA Galaxy before games against Real Salt Lake, Manchester City and Real Madrid complete their busy 2017 USA tour.

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