Romelu Lukaku took a step closer to signing with PUMA last night as he switched into the "Illuminate Pack" colourway in Belgium's final warm-up game ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The Manchester United striker has been without a brand since he cut ties with Nike in 2016, and if there was ever a time to sign a lucrative deal it would be on the eve of the World Cup kick off. After all, he's £90m striker for the world's most marketable football club, so the fact that he's remained sponsor-less will have a more complicated reason than meets the eye.

United boss Jose Mourinho stated last year that "I think he needs a brand to give him the right boots and pay him the right money" suggesting Lukaku has been offered deals, but the aforementioned fact of him being Man United's £90m man may be giving him some extra bargaining ammo, and he's been holding out.


The Belgian striker has switched between brands since he parted with Nike. He's flirted with PUMA, Nike and adidas to try and lure one of the big three to offer him a deal, but as of last week none of them have met his valuation. Lukaku wore the Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 just last week against Egypt.

Is that saga about to be resolved? It does look that way as Lukaku wore the official PUMA ONE colourway for the 2018 World Cup. Have PUMA stumped up the money to lure in their man, or has Lukaku finally lowered his asking price? Whatever the reason, PUMA will have bagged themselves a striker of a much-fancied, and highly fashionable Belgian squad who are tipped to go far this summer. Strong business.


Stay tuned for an official announcement...