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adidas Launch Real Madrid 22/23 Home Shirt

All about the return of the collar for Real Madrid’s 22/23 home shirt from adidas. A design that instantly brings back memories of 90s-era shirts, the white of Los Blancos is here embellished by a light trim of lilac.

Last time Real Madrid had a collar on their home shirt was for the 16/17 season, and prior to that it was the 11/12 season, a sporadic appearance preceded that going back until the 02/03 season. Prior to that it was practically an essential element in Los Blancos’ home shirt designs. Well now it’s back, rounding off a design that nods to the 90s in a strong way for the La Liga champions. And it's not the only thing that makes a welcome return, with a purple trim once again taking its place alongside the classic white.

real 4-min.jpg
real 3-min.jpg

The club's 16/17 shirt had a hint of the purple colour, although it was in a darker, understated tone, but it also came with a collar. The last proper hit of purple came all the way back in the iconic 07/08 Teamgeist kit. It's another added detail that was synonymous with Real kits of the 90s, and it's good to see it back.

So, purple trim and collars aside, the other notable addition here is that of a sublimated club crest that features throughout the fabric of the body of the shirt. It also comes with a suitably 90s-feeling 'whoosh' addition.

The 'Emirates' sponsor logo and adidas branding on the front both come in black, tying in with the other bit of trim on the collar.

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Pick up the Real Madrid 22/23 home shirt at

Daniel Jones

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