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CR7 Shows Off Diamond Watch At Press Conference

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester yesterday with a blast of bling. The Juve man is back in town for an Old Trafford return as his side take on United in the Champions League on Tuesday night and he kicked things off with a press conference at his old stomping ground.

Ronaldo was sporting a customised watch as he checked out the Old Trafford pitch before sitting down to take questions from the assembled press. The watch in question isn't you've average bit of kit. What we're looking at here is a customised edition from the Jacob&Co Caviar Tourbillon range. To take a punt at its cost, the emerald version in the collection has a price tag of £1.85million, that's roughly the same price Marcus Rashford bought his house for last year. If you're interested, which you're most definitely not.


Ronaldo's watch will be worth more than that however, as he appears to have customised it with glistening white diamonds. That should bring the price up to Marcus Rashford's house with a loft conversion and new double glazing. CR7 became a brand ambassador for Jacob&Co back in 2013 in one of many commercial deals that install him as top of the footballers rich list. 


Has it got a built-in calculator though, mate? Nah, didn't think so.


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