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Gareth Southgate Hosts a Kids Press Conference With The FA

To launch their ‘We Only Do Positive’ handbook, which features Gareth’s Southgate's five positive principles of coaching, aimed at coaches of grassroots youth teams, the FA have released a feel-good video of Our Gaz taking questions from the assembled next-generation of media. 

The release of the handbook comes from FA research that has shown that 90% of young players perform better with positive encouragement. Something Southgate is big on and has helped shape a positive aura around the current England squad. This insight has shaped the Respect campaign’s new mantra of ‘We Only Do Positive’, and this message has been built upon to create the ‘We Only Do Positive’ handbook

The aim of the campaign is to improve touchline and on-pitch behaviour in youth football across the country by raising awareness and the importance of respect among a new generation of parents, coaches, volunteers and players. 

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To launch the handbook, Gareth Southgate took part in a press conference held at St George’s Park where he fielded questions from local school children about the importance of positivity as England manager. As you may imagine, he was put through the wringer, but in classic Southgate fashion, came out smiling on the other side.

For more information on the FA’s Respect campaign click here.

Daniel Jones

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