Glitchin’ in the kitchen. The most maverick football boot on the market was up to more disruptive tricks this week as adidas took over a chicken shop in Hackney, London, for a unique Glitch event.

Re-branding the entire shop for a takeaway takeover, adidas served up the latest “Prep Skins” pack in specially designed chicken box style packaging. Yeah, the Glitch can get away with stuff like that. Laceless over boneless with a side of WTF, the heat and light reactive boots were served by staff dressed in Glitch outfits, obviously.

glitch chicken shop_0027_Glitch-6.jpg
glitch chicken shop_0029_Glitch-3.jpg
glitch chicken shop_0009_Glitch-44.jpg
glitch chicken shop portrait_0003_Glitch-39.jpg
glitch chicken shop portrait_0002_Glitch-41.jpg
glitch chicken shop portrait_0001_Glitch-42.jpg
glitch chicken shop portrait_0000_Glitch-45.jpg
glitch chicken shop portrait_0021_Glitch-5.jpg
glitch chicken shop portrait_0016_Glitch-19.jpg
glitch chicken shop portrait_0009_Glitch-33.jpg
glitch chicken shop portrait_0005_Glitch-37.jpg

If that wasn’t enough, the evening was shut down by a performance from Tottenham born rapper Headie One. So if you were strolling down Well Street and wondered why you saw a party in Perfect Fried Chicken when all you wanted was a couple of drumsticks and Diet Fanta, now you know.