Are Paris Saint-Germain close to wearing Jordan branded football kits? Rumours have been circling in recent weeks that suggests the club have wheels in motion in regards to switching the Nike Swoosh for the Jumpman logo.

It's no secret that PSG are focused on becoming the world's most fashionable, "coolest" streetwear football club, if you like. The brand image of the club is clearly to focus on the style factor of the French capital and increase the star-studded status of the club across the world. Recently, PSG have collaborated with Koché for Spring 2018 collection, and released a capsule with Commune de Paris, to name just two lifestyle-centred projects.


Then there's the superstar players, the A-list signings that are as marketable as they are talented. No more so than Neymar. The Brazilian striker is Nike's future top man and already boasts a Nike x NJR x Jordan collection as he continues his roll of PSG poster boy. Everything PSG do is a statement in a bid to seduce a global audience with their premium, lifestyle-influenced branding.

The rumours doing the rounds are that the Jordan Brand, which is owned by PSG kit manufacturer Nike, will provide two Champions League-exclusive kits for the Ligue 1 Champions, said to be in black and white. Should this be the case, then PSG will become the first elite club to have their kits produced by a non-footballing brand, and could well open up a market to clubs using more streetwear/fashion labels as kit producers. Or... it could be a quick statement to further bolster their streetwear rep.

Regardless of if it catches on or not, for PSG it's all about hype. Neymar's love of basketball, his current collab with Jordan, the club's ambition to top the streetwear chart  – it's a recipe that would undoubtably taste sweet and work perfectly. In short, it makes sense.

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Kylian Mbappé was the man selected to wear the OFF-WHITE Mercurial 360 boots, while other celebrities, including Virgil Abloh, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted in the stands at the Parc des Princes stadium. All strong PR for a club with ambitions to establish a premium identity.

The worlds of streetwear and football have never been closer and it's a space that PSG are looking to own. We already know that a lifestyle collection between the club and Jordan brand is imminent – Justin Timberlake recently appeared at a gig in Paris wearing a collaborative jacket, and the PSG x Air Jordan V was released to celebrate the French treble. But, a performance football shirt worn on pitch by the first team would be a huge move, and one that would make a lot of noise in numerous circles.


It ticks all the boxes as far as PSG are concerned, and it also provides the perfect opportunity for the Jordan brand to venture into alternative markets away from basketball. For now though, all parties remain quiet. But behind the scenes, there's a wave of collaborative hype brewing.

Stay tuned for more news on the rumoured PSG x Jordan football kits...