Bringing a powerfully vivid finish that bleeds modern football style, Commune de Paris, Blune and Paris Saint-Germain have collaborated up for a bespoke capsule collection.

A plethora of products that once more put PSG out in front as they continue to adopt a style of their own, this reworking of the iconic team colours paired up with the tailored approach of Commune de Paris and Blune goes the distance in bringing football and lifestyle fashion to a world of new places. The collection is extensive and includes everything from outerwear through to denim get ups.


Subtle use of graphics with shimmering golds to match, this drop resets the balance while screaming Parisian charm. It's nonchalant swag without over emphasising the link up. It's a stand out winner that lands at the 11th hour of the year just as party season kicks in.

Available now, you can see the full collection here.