It's often easy to forget that Hector Bellerin just 22 years-old. The Arsenal full-back embraces the spotlight that the Premier League brings with an honest maturity, as demonstrated in his recent appearance at the Oxford Union.

Much has been made about his comments on the Arsenal TV circus, but Bellerin's full interview reveals a much deeper, much more meaningful insight into the life of player who arrived in England with little grasp of the language at such a tender age. Committing to answers with the same full-blooded effort as his audacious overlapping runs on the pitch, Bellerin tackles a number of subjects.


The honesty is clear in Bellerin's interview as he talks about his arrival in England, his passions away from the game, and his awareness in other fields to effect positive change. Speaking openly about the luxurious amounts of free time a professional footballer has, Bellerin also discusses his interests in the marketing side of the sport and what lies ahead after retirement.

A genuine, intelligent young player, who shows that football doesn't have to live in such a protected bubble. Well worth a watch.