Is there another player in the game with a better social life than Hector Bellerin? The overlapping, underdressing Arsenal full back attended J Balvin's Brixton Academy gig in London on Sunday night and met up with the Colombian reggaeton superstar backstage.

Bringing Gucci game to the after-party, Bellerin met the man who has racked up 20 million followers from smashing through international music borders. Bellerin is no stranger to crossing through alternative circles himself – the full-time socialite, part-time Spanish full back has already appeared at London Fashion Week 2018 this year mixing it with prominent figures in both the music and fashion industries.


Bellerin has played his part in bringing the worlds of music, lifestyle, and football closer together. A small reason why football is being embraced in wider fashion circles right now, and despite waves of confused Arsenal fans giving him grief on social media, he's a 22-year-old going to a gig. Nah you couldn't pull off that outfit, but footballers don't have to wear tracksuits 24/7. Chill.

Photography by Kieran Clarke