London livin'. Arsenal full back Hector Bellerin goes takes street swag to pitch presence as he showcases the latest One 17.1 "Atomic Blue" football boots in a new PUMA Football lookbook.

Bellerin will get the chance to lace up in the new "Atomic Blue" PUMA One 17.1 colourway this week when Arsenal travel to Cologne and Burnley, but before that he's featured in a stylised lookbook for PUMA showcasing the latest statement pieces on and off the pitch.

15-bellerin-one-lookbook-puma-min.jpg 14-bellerin-one-lookbook-puma-min.jpg 13-bellerin-one-lookbook-puma-min.jpg 11-bellerin-one-lookbook-puma-min.jpg
8-bellerin-one-lookbook-puma-min.jpg 10-bellerin-one-lookbook-puma-min.jpg 12-bellerin-one-lookbook-puma-min.jpg 9-bellerin-one-lookbook-puma-min.jpg

Bellerin has been a lead figure for PUMA and a natural fit considering his fashion interests away from the pitch. He may not be the most high profile footballer in the PUMA squad but he's the go to when it comes to flaunting anything lifestyle through a football lens. Track jackets and tracksuits meet evoTRG performance wear as Bellerin drops into his new One 17.1 colourway.

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