Hector Bellerin was in the stands last night at the Emirates with London-based designer Liam Hodges, as Arsenal set up a League Cup Quarter Final derby with Tottenham.

It's no secret that Bellerin is big into his style, and he's continuing to make friends within the fashion industry by mixing in streetwear and high-end fashion circles, especially in London. As the Gunners beat Blackpool 2-1 last night the injured Arsenal full back invited British designer and owner of self titled label, Liam Hodges, into the posh seats.


Hodges' brand is labeled as a luxury brand for the mad and bad ones who are desirous of everything and those who foresake conformity everyday not just at the weekend. Signature Liam Hodges means wide silhouettes, patch working, hard wearing workwear and sportswear; influences drawn from Hip-Hop skatewear, UK streetwear and Post-Punk. Trends that fit right into the wardrobe of Señor Bellerin.


Liam Hodges' designs have been worn by the likes of Drake, P.Diddy, FKA Twigs, Danny Brown, Big Sean, and of course Hector Bellerin.