With an emphatic backdrop and some serious sound, LAFC headed to the surrounding areas of their Banc of California Stadium over the weekend to welcome in the '3252' supporters group and host a fan rally.

For a side that hasn't even kicked a ball in a match yet, LAFC have stormed onto the MLS scene with serious presence. Bringing a party of their own kind while washed in black and gold, off the pitch they're counting down the days while simultaneously building up the the excitement. Welcomed in with an almighty backdrop too, it's the Banc of California stadium that is coming together as it sets the tone for this resounding supporter rally.

LAFC 3252 rally_0006_2O7A0480.jpg
LAFC 3252 rally_0005_2O7A0541.jpg
LAFC 3252 rally_0004_2O7A0552.jpg
LAFC 3252 rally_0003_2O7A0584.jpg
LAFC 3252 rally_0002_2O7A0593.jpg
LAFC 3252 rally_0001_2O7A0598.jpg
LAFC 3252 rally_0000_2O7A0625.jpg

Officially unveiling the '3252' supporter group back in May, this rally brought together a set of fans who won't bottle any emotion and combined them with a club who are forever putting their lifeblood first. The fans have been brought under one umbrella to ensure they stand out as the 12th man when the team hit the pitch for the first time in March. Why "3252" - well that all comes back to the '12th man mantra' 3+2+5+2 equals 12. Simple though effective. 

Photography by Imad Bolotok