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LAFC | Stadium Renderings

With the MLS in full flight, one of its next inductees LAFC are hitting the run way as they prepare to join the party in a couple of years time. As plans develop, those behind the club have revealed their latest stadium renderings. Smart, too.

With supporters already being won over by the club and its aspirations, its fan base is growing and plans are well underway for the next heavyweight of US Saccer to carve out a pitch-sized space on American soil. Fans are regularly being invited to get involved to make the creation one of collective collaboration. From the architecture of the stadium to the club colours, it goes across all areas.

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Playing host to a 'World Football Museum' the plans are charming. Situated within eyesight of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the bowl style stadium with its translucent roof canopy doesn't half look decent on the eye. You can find out more about the progress being made, here. Game on LA.


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