Growing in stature, size and support, LAFC has already seen a number of independent supporters groups form as the club develops ahead of their launch into next years' MLS season. In bringing all the groups together, the club has celebrated the official formation of our Independant Supporter's Union, The 3252.

The move sees 6 original supporter groups have unite under one umbrella, to create what they're dubbing as 'the most electric supporter environment in MLS History'. A big claim though with emphatic support, the scenes back it up with force. What's more, there's rationale and thought behind the introduction of 'the 3252'. Currently, the LAFC stadium is being built and taking influence from the best of the rest, the club used the rally to showcase plans of their rail standing section that will rise prominently behind one of the goals.

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Moreover, this section will have 3252 seats, hence where this supporter group takes it's name. Devil being in the detail, 3+2+5+2 adds up to 12 - as in the 12th man on the field. A sign of the ongoing efforts those behind the scenes are putting in place to ensure the fan comes first for this football club.

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The announcement of the safe standing rail seats for the 'north end' of the ground holds many a trophy as it will be the first safe standing on the west coast US and the first safe standing with rail seats in North America.

Photography by Imad Bolotok