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The 3252 | What It Means To Be An LAFC Supporter

The inaugural season for Los Angeles Football Club is now locked away in the archives – and what a year it was. Community-led and with an appetite for engagement, the club have taken the off-pitch carnival into new places, thanks in no small part to their truly fanatical supporters.

The LAFC fanbase is a real melting pot of cultures, its members taking inspiration both from their own heritage and other groups of fans to serve up scenes that rival anything on the planet for pure passion. With the club's second season well underway, we met up with the 3252 to find out more about what it means to be an LAFC supporter.

Su Jin Lee: 

For me, being a supporter of LAFC means community. With all the different cultures here in LA, it’s important to show that together we’re building something that is truly unique and represents all of us.”
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Richard “The Commander” Escutia:

Seeing this club transforming from four letters – LAFC – to this great organisation is equivalent to witnessing my sons being born, to seeing the good men they are today. Being a supporter of LAFC means the world to me.”

Sal Reyes:

There is a moment in LAFC games when something special happens... The 3252 world-influenced, football-inspired drums and chants tighten into a single-octave pulse sound reverberating off the stadium walls that crescendos like a thunderous, giant Maverick wave crashing down with every LAFC goal. We the 3252 help create it and that’s why I’m here... That’s why!"
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Benny Trejo: 

Being born and raised here, I have a lot of pride in being an LAFC supporter. When The 3252 are in the stands, whether home or away, it literally feels like we are fighting for our city. Every match is a celebration of Los Angeles.”

Sam Ko: 

The 3252 is a community of people that could’ve been neighbours their whole lives, but would’ve never crossed paths if it wasn’t for the beautiful game. Being an LAFC supporter gave me passion for a city that I already love.”
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Josh Lee: 

LAFC represents a first chance at supporting a local club that’s as obsessed with fielding a winning team as it is with building the authentic community around it. It’s the lens I choose to see the world through.”

Breezy Calderon:

The women of The 3252 are as loud as the men and have just as much passion. We love football and drinking beer too.”
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Hank Marchetti: 

Being a part of Los Angeles Football Club is a lifestyle for us which no one can touch. Within our communities it’s provided unity, pride and passion for our City of Angels. Together we are strong.”

Edgar “El Catrin Muerto” Contreras: 

Being an LAFC Supporter means I have the opportunity to express myself creatively and freely through the world’s game.”
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Monty Stevenson:

Being an LAFC supporter means seeing dreams become reality and ensuring that the same dream is passed on to the next generation.”

Josef Zacher: 

LAFC is a dream come true for supporters that have fought for a club to truly represent the city and the people that are its lifeblood. This club is building a culture that embraces every generation and that loves the beautiful game. Additionally, our active support is truly blessed as we get to enjoy the spoils of our labour in real time.”
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Jose “Rey” Salcedo: 

I was one of two fortunate football fans that were at the club announcement. Literally since day one, seeing the club grow from the ashes – it’s been the biggest experience of my life. It's an honour being part of this club and knowing that our people will continue singing ‘Dale Dale Black and Gold’ for generations to come is very rewarding. LAFC is me and I am LAFC.”
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Photography by Imad Bolotok for SoccerBible. 

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