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LAFC Hats & Scarves

LAFC are a club well and truly in motion. Dedicated to the culture they want to embrace as well as create, the products that carry their gold logo are already becoming strong symbols.

Football cool is something there to be defined ― when you know your style you can start to own it. Picking up a snapback and lightweight scarf and utilising them as the lynchpins that binds their fan base, we've taken a look at the first run of LAFC merchandise. Served up with a message of intent, it's all about the finer detail. This is a club of people, that appreciate design and a strong delivery ― certainly can't knock 'em for that.

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The LAFC logo dressed in gold is fairytale football but very much a reality. Branding a club, creating something unique and having an input on a legacy; it's the reason we all have won, lost, drawn on Football Manager. Not to mention shut the game down then re-opened as if the previous match never happened ― we all do that, right?

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Still very much work behind the scenes as the foundations build from the bottom, they've at least got us sorted up top. You can find out more info about LAFC, here. You can also read our interview with those behind the crest, here. Hats tipped but very much on.


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