The love for Loyle Carner is real. Having featured in Issue 9 of the SoccerBible Magazine, our time for him was already clear to see in printed form. Now however, in offering fans tickets to his shows in exchange for glorious football shirts from days gone by, his midas touch just went platinum.

Picking up some real gems from the archives, enjoy a comprehensive list of all those shirts he's managed to swap with fans as they look to see him on his upcoming tours. A fine way to engage with fans while demonstrate a pure love for football and its patterned garms - what's not to like?

loyle carner shirts_0000_Layer 17.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0001_Layer 16.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0002_Layer 15.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0003_Layer 14.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0004_Layer 13.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0005_Layer 12.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0006_Layer 11.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0007_Layer 10.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0008_Layer 9.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0009_Layer 8.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0010_Layer 7.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0011_Layer 6.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0012_Layer 5.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0013_Layer 4.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0014_Layer 3.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0015_Layer 2.jpg
loyle carner shirts_0016_Layer 1.jpg

Now owner of the greatest football shirt collection going, you can read the exclusive interview with Loyle Carner in Issue 9 of the SoccerBible Magazine. Pick up a copy here.