Arriving back on the scene for a second round of the custom shirt game, Umbro and Loyle Carner FC launch the ‘Guyana’ shirt, placing the focus on the London rapper’s Guyanese roots with a vibrant and retro design that takes inspiration from the colours of the Guyana national flag.

Loyle Carner recently traveled to Georgetown, Guyana to explore his Guyanese roots for a musical collaboration with flautist and composer Keith Waithe, and the trip has obviously had an impact on the rapper, as the country has become the influence for his latest collaboration with Umbro, the LC FC x Umbro ‘Guyana’ shirt.

Loyle 2-min.jpg
Loyle 3-min.jpg

Landing as something of an away shirt to the home shirt of the first collaboration, which was based on Loyle’s favourite Three Lions shirt from Euro 2000, the Guyana shirt delves into Carner's heritage, combining it with a power-punch of retrolicious quality that just screams 90s. Bright, block colours are joined by a callout to Brutal Tracks recording studio in the sponsor slot, while Loyle Carner FC's special crest is once again in place, as is the number ‘7’ on the rear appearing below the ‘Carner’ name. And then there's that Double Diamond banding on the sleeves, simply executed to perfection.

Carner is well known for his passion for retro football stylings, having even exchanged tickets for his tour for classic shirts in the past, and the LC FC 'Guyana' shirt takes that passion and just runs with it, much to our collective delight.

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