Founded in 2006, 'Ringleaders' have come a long way since then. Initially blending their love for football with the lifestyle world ― a t-shirt line kicked off proceedings back then ― they're now a proud collective of like minded football folk. Their creativity off the pitch has led to this short film.

Expressing who they are, what they do and why they do it, it's an understatement to say this is a tasteful touch for a team of mates. It's an outpouring of creative spirit that lands onto the pitch. Using spliced interviews it is the voice Eric Cantona that unofficially provides the narration ― perhaps summarising the poetry in motion.

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Words from one of the film's creators, Bartolomé Graziana, gives us a little more insight into the magic coming out of Montreal ― "Montreal’s Ringleaders Football Club is a group of friends who are not always in shape but are sometimes competitive.Twice a year, they meet up for the Greatest Tournament of All Time. Peep this great footage of average players, narrated by King Eric Cantona. His words of wisdom inspire us all to be the best." Immense, no?

Directed by Bartolomé Graziana / Benoit Vermandel
Creative direction / RFC founder Angelo Destounis
Art direction by Bartolomé Graziana

You can find out more about this plucky bunch of good people here.