Over the summer of 2016, photographer Celia Spenard-Ko spent time documenting the events of Euro 2016 on film. Unearthing the soul of football during the process, her regular series of images entitled 'Finding Football' look to bottle the spirit of the game that is so strong in the lives of those who love it most. Celebrating this thinking and the cross over between football and Fashion, Celia has collaborated with Canadian side 'Ringleaders' for a limited edition capsule collection.

On sale and available at 'Off The Hook', the collection takes in a number of pieces that cross the divide in providing minimal touches with a big effect. Heavy images that personify the well travelled game theres a short-sleeve t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt and crewneck sweatshirt - all with one of Spenard-Ko's prints across the back. Capping the collection, hats come in three colours bearing the Ringleaders Football Club motif.

Some description

Commenting on the collaboration, Off The Hook laid down the gauntlet. "Fashion has long been present in association football, but the terrace wear of 80s hooligans and the flash styles of footballers themselves are just the surface. When someone buys a jersey, a half-and- half scarf, a pin, there’s a time and place attached to every one of them. What’s more is whoever buys that same jersey, half-and- half scarf or pin will have a shared memory with a complete stranger who bought the very same thing. Throughout the years, these items will always have the ability to trigger special memories (good or bad) shared by thousands of people. They hold stories."

A strong game, well styled you can see more here.