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Ringleaders x PUMA x Hassan Badran

When grass root teams get creative, it's always a little exciting to see. Canadian based 'Ringleaders' teamed up with PUMA and photographed with simple yet brilliant tones by Hasan Badran.

The Ringleaders Football Club was founded in 2006 merging football with culture. As teams throughout the globe unveil their latest kits, Ringleaders have done the same - for them though, they have teamed up with urban photographer Hassan Badran to showcase 'em with the help of PUMA.

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A set inspired by countless games where nobody was watching, The Ringleaders wanted to convey the atmosphere behind authentic street football. It doesn't matter where the team is. It doesn't matter if anybody is watching. It doesn't matter what the weather is. They just play.

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With subtle touches, the players' exclusive white jerseys feature tonal numbers and lettering, as well as a tonal RFC logo, and a black PUMA logo. What's more the kits are available to purchase from retailer 'Off The Hook'. It's all about the look, collaboratively. From the photo styling to the kit design, hats off on this one.

Team: Ringleaders FC
Photography: Hassan Badran


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