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Eric Cantona Joins Common Goal as a Mentor

Eric Cantona announced today that he has joined Common Goal, the social movement through which leading members of the football industry are transforming the lives of young people all over the world.

A charity spearheaded by Juan Mata, Cantona will assume the newly created position of 'Common Goal Mentor' and the former Manchester United legend will now place the full force of his unique and powerful personality behind one of the fastest growing social movement in world sport. The Mentor role is new for Common Goal, which currently has over 60 active football players as members, along with coaches, organisations and an entire football club. Cantona will represent the movement and promote the Common Goal cause.

Cantona has long been an advocate for the social power of football. In particular, he has been an active campaigner against homelessness. Recently, he visited the streetfootballworld member Associação CAIS in Lisbon – an organisation that uses the game to support those suffering from extreme poverty and homelessness.

Common Goal CEO and co-founder Jürgen Griesbeck said: “Welcoming Eric on board and creating the new role of Common Goal Mentor is another unique moment for all of us. We believe that position of Mentor not only allows true legends of the game to harness their voices for the good of all, but also gives them the opportunity of creating a lasting legacy far beyond the incredible achievements of their playing career. We could think of few people better-suited to become the first Common Goal Mentor than Eric Cantona.”

Cantona joins Common Goal_0000_20180903JF_ERIC CANTONA LR-121.jpg

You can see more of the work Common Goal are doing here.

Photography by Joana Freitas


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