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Noel Gallagher Meets Pep Guardiola

As Manchester City embrace the next chapter in their history, it's Pep Guardiola who helms a ship on a voyage to the very top of the game. Embracing his first video and interview as Manchester City manager, it was Noel Gallagher took the honours as question master.

A perfect combustion of football culture, the iconic musician met the tactical maestro as Guardiola touched down in Manchester for the first time. Noel vs Pep, two sides of the game that meet in the middle, both carrying enough charisma to champion their relative stages. What a way to kick things off.

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Having been unveiled to City fans yesterday along with the new 16/17 Manchester City Home kit by Nike, it's a fresh badge, fresh manager and a beginning of what promises to be something special. Forget the bandwagon, there's a titanic cruise rolling through Manchester with no ice-berg in sight. Let's have it, large.


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