Eric Cantona has thrown his hat into the ring to become England’s next manager, because of course he has. After Roy Hodgson sideways-passed himself out of the job and exited the FA out of a side-door most probably, the position is up for grabs and Eric is eager. If not drunk a little, but definitely eager.

Eurosport's self-appointed Commissioner of Football plays all tongue-in-cheek but just imagine if he got it, just for one second. He actually got it. Scenes. We'd still get knocked out by small frozen islands but the afterparty would be well worth it. Meh, won't happen. At least Gareth Southgate is equally as exciting. Eric's got a tad more character than old Roy, we'll give him that. Taking Harry Kane off set-pieces? That's enough for a categorical #canto-yes from us. 

Now here he is singing Will Grigg's on fire again. Because sometime life's a bit weird...

Roll on Russia, it's coming home.