It's the bromance you didn't know you needed and now it's developed into something special. Manchester United legend Eric Cantona stars in Liam Gallagher's new music video for his latest track 'Once'. The former Oasis frontman has roped in his new pal for a video that sees a link up of two of the biggest personalities on the planet.

The unexpected friendship between King Cantona and the boss of rock and roll Liam Gallagher began back in December when the Frenchman uploaded a video of himself to Instagram singing along to Liam's new track, which Liam replied to in typical swagger-ish style. Whether or not this video was all done and dusted before that social exchange is unclear – it could have been a bit of clever PR – but when it comes to these two legendary frontmen nothing is too spontaneous.

The video features Cantona playing on his 'King' status as Gallagher performs the role of his butler in a mansion with the former footballer-come-actor working his best miming skills in the same style as Robert Downey Jr in Elton John's 'I Want Love' music video from 2001. A biblical link up of monumental proportions. Imagine a night out with these two...

Liam Gallagher's track 'Once' is out now.