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adidas Mercury Centre: A Second Look

With the 'Mercury Centre' acting as a brick and mortar feeding ground for an inspired match-up, adidas have masterminded a space that is dedicated to weaving those creative stripes across many sub-genres. Throwing open its doors to us, we took another look inside this hangar of inspiration that invites consumers of the game to re-think the norm.

The game of football has an unquestioned ability to cross so many sub-cultures. Like Carlos Valderama eating a Jammy Dodger over a game of golf with Sir Alex Ferguson, it brings people together from all sides of the spectrum with a universal and mutual appreciation. From the world music to art and fashion, the flavour of adidas football is forever developing too. 

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'First Never Follows' is the mantra to which the brand are hanging their snap-backed hats. A welcome message that says to the world, forgot convention – go create and make. Running right through to the pitch, it's something that has gone into the 'Mercury Pack' as a collection of boots that embodies fresh thinking.

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Dropping into the space over the weekend, Florencia Galarza along with hip-hop titan A$AP Ferg picked up some custom threads that were created then and there. Designers on hand, this collaborative process shows what can be done with a football shirt. Football is the platform, but music, art and design inspire much more cross-genre thinking from those donning the Three Stripes.

Photography by Jared Martinez for SoccerBible


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