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adidas Open The 'Mercury Center' In LA

adidas have touched down in LA to set up their 'Mercury Center'. An exhibition that goes under the hood and burns those creative embers, it is dedicated to the design elements that bring both on and off the pitch style together.

From the detail and design that goes into blueprinting the game, this exhibition touches all angles of the pitch with Mercury shining all over proceedings. So much game-winning glitz, it's one strong way to bring Three Stripes under one roof as well as welcoming in the Copa America.

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A reworked space of experiential and immersive football, it is a place that adidas has labelled as the first of its kind. On top of that, it's held in the Barkar Hangar - an enormous footprint of floorspace that adidas have styled out with the new Mercury Pack.

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With players popping in, designers and illustrators dabbling with sketchwork and viewing parties for Copa America games lined up too, it's a spot on the circuit of football cool and culture that goes way further than matching up to expectation. Guest list only this one.

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Photography by Hana Asano


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