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Closer Look at the adidas COPA 17 Red Limit

The curious case of Copa. When the adidas COPA 17 Red Limit arrived it took time to draw opinions. Yes, it's born from the same COPA family as the grandfather of all football boots, the Mundial, but it's different. It's traditional but modern, it's twisting tradition and tweaking the timeless. As we take another look at the new silhouette, it's the all important second impression that counts.

The original Copa Mundial is the football boot of generation. Leather upper, classic fold-over tongue, moulded comfort, but it's dated. It hurts to say that, it really does, but it's true. It's still match-fit, but it's not as practical as it was. Stand still, not matter how proudly you stand, you will get left behind. The reality is, there are far better options on the market right now and the adidas COPA 17 Red Limit aims to bring the DNA of the Copa Mundial into the modern era. Not a rebirth of such, but a legacy continued.

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What adidas have done is make the COPA 17 Red Limit lighter and more responsive with a k-leather upper, compression tongue and SprintFrame outsole. Arriving as part of the adidas Limited Collection series, the long-tongued COPA 17 retains the quality of the title it represents but is streamlined for a design that has more performance benefits than the original. If the Red Limit colourway is scaring you, look past that and you can see the heritage roots much clearer.

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That colourway and 'Red Limit' tag is something we're about to see a whole lot more of as adidas prepare to launch the next-generation ACE 17+ in a Red Limit suit, followed by matching editions of the X series. It's 2017 and this is how a Copa has evolved. A nod to the past, a thumbs up to the present and a wink to the future. As long as balls are round, there'll be a place in the game for the Copa.

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