PUMA go back to their roots to join forces with local amateur football club FC Herzogenaurach to launch a new lifestyle collection inspired by their shared hometown in Bavaria, Germany. A tribute to where it all started for the Big Cat and a collection that celebrates the long and closely-knitted history between the brand and club.

On the 100th anniversary of FC Herzogenaurach PUMA have marked the occasion with a clothing and footwear range that draws inspiration from the small rural town that has had a huge influence on world sport. We flew out to Germany to meet FC Herzo players Alex Ronneburg, Michael Thomann & Eric Stubing as they received the collection, kitted up and took us on a tour of their club and historic town. 

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Thanks for modelling for us chaps. Nice set up you've got here. How would you describe the club?

Alex: "We’re a rather small club, we’ve just been promoted so we’re ready for the next level. FC Herzo likes to focus on youth players and helping them into the first team. Herzogenaurach only has a population of 30,000 so the club plays a strong part in the community. It’s a club with a lot of tradition."

And the town of Herzo, how would describe it?

Michael: "Herzogenaurach is a very familiar and friendly town, everybody is very kind and helpful. Its a special town too, quite unique in the fact that it’s a small town but with some of the world’s biggest brands that call it home. Football is in the D.N.A of Herzo, it’s hugely important to the town an the influences can be seen throughout. Whether that’s statues of PUMA products or the house that Rudolf and Adi Dassler grew up in. Everybody is town has been influenced by PUMA in some aspect. It’s hard to meet someone new without having a quick look at what trainers they’re wearing."

Eric: "Yeah, we’re a small town but we’re rather famous all over the world because of the international sporting brands we have here. PUMA has contributed so much to the town and surrounding areas, it’s built an infrastructure."

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Alex models the FC Herzo Tech FZ Tracksuit & Duplex Evo Trainers.

PUMA are a huge international brand. What does it mean to FC Herzo to have PUMA on board as a sponsor?

Alex: "The club has a long history with PUMA and I know that the management would love to keep that relationship going. This new collection between the club and brand has taken the relationship to a new level, for sure."

Eric: "We’re honoured that PUMA sponsor the club. We’re not a professional outfit so to have PUMA with us makes us feel that little bit more professional. It’s definitely something all the players appreciate. Our club nickname is the ‘Pumas’ so that probably best demonstrates the connection between both parties."

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Michael wearing the FC Herzo Savannah, Shorts & Peacoat Duplex Evo Trainers.

What does the new collection mean to FC Herzo?

Michael: "We’re really proud that this collection is dedicated to us and that people all over the world may learn of our club or wear a PUMA product that represents our club. That’s quite a surreal feeling. PUMA sponsor hugely successful football clubs so to be part of the PUMA family is a genuine honour for such a small club."

Alex: "PUMA have done a great job, all the players have been excited to finally wear it and we’re really pleased with how it looks. Everyone was excited when PUMA presented the idea of the project to us, so to finally see it, wear it and be involved in the launch of it is great."

Eric: "It’s great for us to feel that recognition that normally only a very successful professional club would experience. PUMA of course, sponsor huge clubs like Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund so to have an FC Herzo collection makes us feel proud. The brand didn’t have to do that but it shows they are proud of where they come from. Maybe a pre-season PUMA Cup between all three clubs would be nice!"

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Eric fronts the FC Herzo PUMA Royal Savannah Jacket.

How have you found getting involved in the modelling for the FC Herzo x PUMA collection? 

Michael: "It’s a new experience for all of us! But it’s been a lot of fun. The collection is better than my modelling, put it that way!"


We stuck around after the boys had finished modelling duties to see FC Herzogenaurach take on FSV Stadeln at the Rudolf-Dassler-Sportfeld in the Bezirksliga Mittelfranken 1 league. Have a flick through here to quench your daily thirst for seventh tier German football. Beer, sausages, non-league dogs and a 2-0 win. Job done.

What you sayin'? View the full collection here.