England face planted at the start line, Spain and Italy fell at the first hurdle and Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico have leapt over it with all the majestic grace of a unicorn running the Grand National. Here's our list of ten moments that got us talking during the first stages.

Chewy Lewy – He'd finally put the Ivanovic incident behind him, moved into the form of his life, people were beginning to talk about his exceptional ability and then BAM he reminds everyone that he's mental. For the third time in his career he's bit an opponent. He needs help, this isn't normal behaviour. 

Ref's shaving cream – Be honest, you want some. The white foam used by referees during dead ball situations has become one of the stars of the tournament. So simple, so effective, has to be used in Europe next season, it's a no brainer.

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"Comb over here player" – Argentinian referee, Nestor Pitana, has made headlines by sporting a comb over that was past its sell by date when Liverpool last won the league. He now has the prestigious honour of being the owner of the most talked about hairstyle of the group stages. Keep your Brazilian hair dye and shaved shapes, Pitana is bringing the comb over back, only a matter of time until all the kids a rocking one.

Time for change - The less said about England the better but it's clear that change is needed. Here our starting XI for Euro 2016 (should we qualify of course) Hart, Walker, Cahill, Stones, Shaw, Sterling, Wilshere, Barkley, Ox, Walcott, Sturridge. Should get us at least 2 points.

Pick that one out – Goal of the tournament so far? For us, its Tim Cahill who unleashed the mother of all left footed vollies into the Holland net. We appreciate van Persie's header against Spain was probably harder and more unique, but the bottom line is, you can't beat a rocketing volley that goes in off the bar.

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We love Miguel Herrera – The Mexico manager is dubbed both an internet sensation and madman now after his wild celebrations. He's insane, not in a Suarez way, but in a way where you'd want to go down the pub with him, order a tray load of shots and point him in the direction of the dancefloor.

Cheers for tears – The Brazilians seem to be taking the honour of hosting the World Cup very seriously and star of the group stages Neymar managed to break down in tears during the rendition of the national anthem, overcome with emotion. People like that. We know Roy has got all the England lads (sort of) singing the national anthem but why not give it some beans lads, the fans love it.

Rapid Robben – Arjen Robben has not been too shabby thus far for Holland and sent Gareth Bale’s previously recorded quickest run into obscurity by leaving Ramos for dead against Spain. He might look 55 but he's got the leg muscles of a six-year-old cheetah on steroids.

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Taxi for Lewin –
 Most embarrassing moment of the World Cup so far? Gary Lewin's injury. The England physio was so surprised the Three Lions has actually scored he jumped up, landed on a bottle, rolled his ankle and was on the next flight home. Face says it all.

The good, the bad and the Casillas – Goalkeepers seem to be making the headlines this World Cup, with Iker Calamity struggling to catch a bus and Russia's Akinfeev wearing gloves made of butter. The good – well great – comes from Mexico star and free agent, Guillermo Ochoa who kept a clean sheet against Brazil and is now best known as the ‘Mexican Jesus’ according to his updated Wikipedia page.

What are your group stage moments? Have England provided any? Let us know your thoughts below.