The battle to get noticed within World Cup ad space is big. Brands bring out the big bucks and with a four year gap between each tournament creatives have enough time to come up with coolest most original ideas. This year we've had it all from Freestyling Ninja's and interior designing supermodels to five minute music lead epics and animated superstars. So just in case you've missed out, here's our list of the ten best adverts related to Brasil 2014.

Kia - Adriana Lima Transforms a Man Cave

First up is Kia, who take a slight pop at footballs popularity in the USA. The cheeky ad features supermodel and Kia pin up Adriana Lima, transforming a man-cave from football to futbol with the help her two attractive friends. Did we mention Adriana Lima is in it.  

Nike Football - Winner Stays

The second installment of Nike's 'Risk Everything' campaign is closing in on a whoppign 80 million you tube views. 'Winner Stays' is an awesome 4 minute advert featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and a host of other big name stars as a of bunch kids fantasize whilst competing for a pitch's playing rights. 

McDonald's - Gol!

This video kicked off the Macdonald's Gol! campaign which encouraged fans to download their app, upload their trick shots then go eat some limited edition fries. Rather than enlisting a big name player to help promote them during the World Cup, the fast food giant focused on the unbelievable tekkers of ordinary folk. The resulting film is just as amusing as it is amazing, top three for sure.

adidas Football - The Wake Up Call

A World Cup list wouldn't be complete without an appearance from Leo Messi who takes centre stage in adidas' headline advert for their #allin World Cup campaign. Set to an exclusive Kanye West soundtrack, the Argentinian maestro keeps tabs on his rivals as they prepare for football's biggest stage.

Castrol - Footkhana: Neymar Jr. v Ken Block

What do you do to publicise engine oil during the biggest tournament of a sport that doesn't involve cars? Invent a new sport that and invite one of the the World Cup hosts best players to take part, that's what. Castrol Footkhana mixes football (obviously) and Gymkhana and features two of the biggest names of their respective sports Neymar Jr. and ken Block. And a random cameo from Cafu.

Beats by Dre - The Game Before The Game

Another ad lead by Neymar Jr. but this time in the company of a world class cast that not only includes World Cup stars Mario Gotze, Cesc Fabregas, Daniel Sturridge and Robin Van Persie (to name but a few) but also special appearances from Lebron James, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Sydney Leroux and Serena Williams. An ad of epic proportions that easily holds your attention for the full five minutes, if this didn't get your World Cup juices flowing nothing would. Many people's and possibly our number one.  

adidas Football - The House Match

adidas show the way in utitilising a brands talent who aren't participating in the World Cup talent with 'The House Match'. Featuring Gareth Bale, David Beckham, Lucas Moura and Zinedine Zidane, the four footballers smash up Beckingham palace whilst staving off boredom. Our only criticism is that it's not longer. 

Nissin Cup Noodle - Samurai in Brazil

With the World Cup being a held in a country known for its footballing creativity and flair, freestyling was always going to pop up in various forms. Slightly edging Pespi's 'The Unbelievable Game' is Nissin Cup Noodle with their 'Samurai in Brazil'. As you would expect from a Samurai, the guy has serious skills. 

Nike Football - The last Game

For the concluding part of the 'Risk everything' trilogy Nike channeled their inner Disney producing a five minute animated film that pitted some of the world's best against an evil scientist hell bent on turning the beautiful game into a borefest. Super witty it's a wonder that Nike's headline athletes signed off on the self deprecation. 

ESPN - Time Zone

Not quite as epic as some or as funny as others on this list, ESPN's 'Time Zone' gets the last mention due to the message it portrays. The final pay off at the end of the ad "Every 4 years the world has one time zone" perfectly sums up the global get together that is the World Cup. 

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