On an electric opening night at the #PredatorInstinct event in London adidas put us through our paces in a bespoke life size video game arena where a team of hunters armed with laser guns chased us through the surreal map.

It was intense as it sounds and whilst we're putting the finishing touches to our full video recap here's an image gallery to give you a taster of the epic-ness that occurred at the adidas Predator Instinct Live Event in London. The game consisted of two levels, both different in design and difficulty, where players (including Chelsea's Oscar) had to avoid losing lives by keeping the ball away from the hunters laser tracking them.

If the hunters shoot your laser tag on your shin pad, you lose a life and if that wasn't hard enough the course is designed to dis-orientate you, through a full lighting set and smoke filled environment. If you find your way to the other end you chip the ball into the enemy HQ's net to stop the clock. Smoke machines, Premier League footballers, laser guns and Predator Instincts, standard Wednesday night with adidas Football. Beautifully executed madness. Stay tuned for our full interview with legendary adidas Predator player Steven Gerrard.

The #PredatorInstinct Live Event is part of a campaign to mark the 20th Anniversary of the adidas Predator, worn by some of the greats, including Beckham, Zidane, Gerrard & Raul.