Once again it's been a massive let down for England supporters. Fortunately they are not alone. Before the group stages are over, we take a look at ten things we've learnt from the World Cup so far.

England are out – We didn't have huge expectations but we did hope for more than 0 points from 2 games. England are not good enough and yes, the young stars impressed at times but overall the fact of the matter is that things have to change. Roy Hodgson has to do more and the old guard have to be done with – including slipper, sorry skipper Steven Gerrard.

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Spain’s reign is over – The Holland game was not a one off. Spain could not beat Chile either and looked devoid of ideas, passion or just about anything. Casillas was once again dire and it seems that La Roja really need something new going into the Euros or they will not even get through the qualifiers.

Retirements galore – Not only are there rumours about Xabi Alonso hanging up his boots, but Iker Casillas, Xavi and a host of other players may have seen their International careers ended. It will be the last World Cup for England pair Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard and hopefully Glen Johnson too – although that has little to do with age.

Expect some scintillating knockout clashes – It is not yet clear who will be facing who, but with potential ties such as Chile v Brazil or Holland v Brazil, sudden death does not even come close. England might miss out, but even before the knockout round it is all to play for between Italy and Uruguay amongst others.

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Shocks, shocks, shocks – Anyone can take points from anyone. Given Ghana held Germany, something that few people would have expected, and Costa Rica have now beaten both England and Uruguay, we would not bet against another couple of twists and turns before the group stages are out.

France look the real deal – Karim Benzema is having a stunning World Cup and France look like serious contenders. They have thrashed group rivals Switzerland and actually look like they are getting better with each passing game. Could it be their year?

One man alone cannot win a World Cup – Portugal are one of the weaker sides in the competition and no matter how hard Ronaldo wishes for it, he will not win anything with his nation. Although not fully fit but he did assist the goal that saved their World Cup hopes with a decent cross and a moment of magic earlier in the USA clash. Still, baring a miracle even Ronaldo would struggle to pull off, Portugal will not get out of their group.

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Magical Messi – Argentina have been poor, really poor at times, and it has taken two Messi moments of magic to get them through games we thought they would have no problem winning. The Barcelona star may not have had the tournament of this life, but he has produced when it mattered and should only get better.

Barkley is England's future – That seems a fairly obvious point and had Roy Hodgson played the Everton star earlier you never know what might have happened - although probably the same thing (see point seven). Moving forward, it seems that Roy will be staying. Hopefully he'll learn from his mistakes and we'll see the young stars rise through the ranks and show what they are made of heading into 2016.

A tournament for goalkeepers – Be it God awful performances or absolutely spellbinding ones, keepers have ruled the World Cup so far. Iker Casillas knows more than most about how quickly things can turn around for someone and Mexico star Meme Ochoa will need to keep up his excellent form should he want to get that move of dreams.

What have you learnt so far this World Cup? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.