It has finally started and with an average of three goals a game, Brasil 2014 has certainly been more enthralling than the one in South Africa four years ago. Ten out of the eleven games so far have hailed three or more goals and we have a sneaky feeling it could get even better.

There have also been some shocks in store and some players looking to really announce themselves on the world stage.With no further ado, here are the ten things we have learnt so far from the World Cup...

Do not write anyone off – Especially Costa Rica it seems. Arsenal fans took particular note of Joel Campbell and we think that the side could well surprise a few people outside of Uruguay, who desperately missed Luis Saurez with Edinson Cavani hapless bar when he slotted away that penalty. Not only that but we had a stunning result between 2010’s finalists and a couple of other eyebrow raisers too. Expect the unexpected.

So Jose was right after all - When you are dropped by both Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti and put in a pretty shaky performance in the Champions League final, there are problems. Iker Casillas issued an apology after the Spain thrashing and rightly so. He could well be past his sell by date – not that Sergio Ramos or Gerard Pique looked too great either. Torres also had Chelsea and Spain fans crying into their hands with the miss of the tournament so far.

Super not Mad Mario on show - No one quite knows what we will get from Balotelli but it seems that International tournaments really bring the best out in the forward. A goal against England and a performance without drama showed that Mario is maturing. That little known magician in the middle of the park, Andrea Pirlo wasn’t too shabby either.

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England finally have some passion – The three lions may have lost the game against Italy but the young stars showed some real class and passion. Finally it was nice to see players who cared about the badge on the front of the shirt rather than the name on the back. It may be too soon for this tournament but it bodes well for Euro 2016.

Perhaps Cole should have been on that plane – Leighton Baines may not have had the support he wanted from the players in front of him, but his performance left a fair bit to be desired. Imagine that against an opponent far better down the flanks. England will have big problems and Ashley Cole could have abated them. Baines was a bandwagon pick according to many and they could well end up right.

Either play Rooney up top or don't bother - That seems to be the consensus after the Manchester United player struggled during the Italy clash and we agree. Rooney is best used as the main forward or as a number ten behind Sturridge. Playing him out wide does not and will not work. Decision time for Roy it seems.

The Neymar we know and love – Barcelona fans must be wondering just what happens when Neyamr Jr. puts on a Brazil shirt, because he is unrecognisable from the hit and miss player that turns up at the Camp Nou. Sublime to watch, the starlet will only get better as the World Cup progresses. In other news for the hosts, they will be pleased to see the sabbatical Oscar took in the second half of the season worked, the Chelsea star was back to his very best.

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Despite his goal, Messi and Argentina struggled – The score line did not reflect the tough game that Argentina faced and it seems that Messi is once again suffering the curse of the international shirt. He now has two goals in three World Cups, the same as Karim Benzema has in one. Messi will hopefully improve but was not the only culprit. Sergio Aguero and Angel Di Maria were also poor, with Gonzalo Higuain actually coming on to open the game up a bit.

Goal line technology works, the referees do not – So keen were FIFA to show that their newly implement goal line technology works that they showed us all the goals that were miles over the line. The one where it actually counted took a little while and they cleared up that in the second instance, the ball was knocked over the line and France had the goal. The officials meanwhile have been dire from the opening game throughout.

Best start for Holland? – Louis van Gaal and RVP had Manchester United fans in dreamland. They, along with Arjen Robben, also had the Spanish wondering if Tiki –Taka was dead. Whilst that may not be the case, the Dutch were very impressive and look the real deal. Then again, how many times has that been said before.

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