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Our Top 10 Boot Moments of 2015

It's that time of the year to get reflective, to look back at what was, to appreciate 2015 and the last 12 months have been a time of change for the football boot industry. 2015 taught us to expect the unexpected and laid the foundations for 2016 to top it. With that said, we take a look back at our top ten boot moments of 2015.

Narrowing down this list was difficult to say the least. Only when you look back and stare can you fully appreciate the sheer volume of releases in 2015 and condensing that to a top 10 proved tricky and we're certainly not brave enough to order them. So here you are, here's ten of the best from 2015. Slate away in the comments...

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The Revolution

While our initial list had north of thirty products that we had to narrow down, one moment that was never in doubt for the top 2015 boot releases was the adidas revolution. The Three Stripes completely wiped the slate clean, causing huge initial unrest in the market which has now embraced the X and ACE as worthy entries and worthy game changers. Add in the evolution of the PrimeKnit material, and 2016 seems poised for more adidas success.

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Nike closed the curtains on the original HyperVenom silo in groundbreaking style. The HyperVenom Transform was heat-activated meaning it changed colour as your feet warmed up, because... because why not? The black upper transformed to reveal a vibrant orange pattern as the boot is worn, returning to black shortly after the player removes the boot from his/her feet. Somethings don't have to make sense. This is one of those. 

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Heritage Hits Back

No matter how much focus is on new tech and the lightest synthetics, the classics never die. 2015 gave us the Gloro (twice!), the Umbro Speciali, a host of Mizuno Morelias, and a rebirth of kangaroo leather within nearly every brand and silo - heritage is still alive and well. As if we hadn’t gotten enough, Nike dressed up the Premier to round off a cushioned year of comfort.

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Velocita Volume

2015 was the year that Umbro returned. The biggest win for the double diamond? It had to be their new speed boot. To replace a floundering GT Pro, the Umbro Velocita hit the ground running and has been praised the world over. Umbro made this boot their own and in turn added a new dimension of versatility to the brand which has rattled the cages of their speed competitors.

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Light The Way

If anyone had told us that boots would slip below 5 ounces in 2015, we would have laughed. Brands seemed to be heading away from the lightweight game of boots below 170 grams, but adidas certainly destroyed that notion. The 99g adizero had every player focused in on the adidas camp, but PUMA quickly followed with a 101g evoSPEED SL outing that, despite warning that it wouldn’t last over 10 games, was game ready and as impressive as it was light. Is this as light as we’ll ever go? Or did 2015 forever set the threshold on “super light.”

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Limited Edition Luxury

Another big year for limited editions saw the BHM Superfly IV and CR7 Rare Gold as Nike set the bar high. Of course, adidas went super limited with only 100 pairs of the Messi 15.1 10/10 and the farewell boots for Xavi and Gerrard but it's these two Superfly renditions that stay firmly in the mind. Snapped up in minutes, instantly doubling in price, the ultimate buzz that every limited edition should generate. Glorious.

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Girl Power

Nike upped their game for the 2015 Women's World Cup by dropping their first exclusive women's football boot pack. The most recognisable boots at the tournament and, once the USWNT wore them all the way to the finish line, definitely the most accomplished. Considering Nike has nearly every major star from the women’s game on their books, it’s no surprise that these boots stole the show.

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New Balance, New Contender

With Warrior riding off into the sunset with a couple of flat tyres, it was the world’s worst kept secret that New Balance would be taking the reins heading into 2015. We had to wait months to actually see what New Balance would be giving us and whether the American brand had learned anything from their time with Warrior leading the charge, and we were pleasantly surprised. While the Furon has struggled to win over the recreational player, the Visaro has been a big winner with anyone looking to try something outside the “big three.”

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Under Armour Underway

While the usual suspects had a typically busy year with impressive updates, 2015 feels like it was truly a year where the contender brands started putting pressure on Nike, adidas, and PUMA.  Under Armour left their mark with the SpeedForm and the updated ClutchFit to continue their assault outside of the United States. It never hurts for every boot on your books to be a great option, and UA has put themselves in prime position to make a big impact in 2016.

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The Legend

The king of Nike football boots got a new throne in November as the Tiempo Legend 6 was reconstructed to rise to the roof of the Swoosh innovation empire. The fifth-gen boot served strong for two years but the baton was passed over to the sixth-generation edition, a sleeker boot with a devastatingly handsome set of aesthetics. Easily makes the list.

What made your top ten? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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