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Closer Look at the adidas Originals Samba RM Boost

When adidas said they were putting Boost on a Samba at the turn of the year they had our full attention. One of the most popular modern technologies paired up with an icon of three striped streetwear, the Samba RM Boost was always going to intrigue.

Since getting the ball rolling with the reveal of an all black upper with translucent sole, the Samba RM Boost has been awaiting a second delivery, and it's come in the most traditional of designs. Black and white with tan-coloured soles containing that Boost comfort. The Samba RM Boost is yet another twist of Boost that transforms the iconic terrace ever-present into a modernised street option.


Executed with a black or white leather and suede upper, the Samba RM also features gold "S4M3A" branding on the heel in place of the usual "Samba" wording. All very smart, but it's the midsole where this reinvented shoe takes on a new dimension. The Boost is hidden in comparison to the icy blue outsole that sat on the first drop, with that tanned colour opening up underneath to reveal the Boost tech.

A progressive update for the Samba series that still respects the DNA of the football-inspired shoe.


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