Mashing up street style and performance wear we take a closer look at the latest member of the Ultra BOOST family that refuses to go unnoticed. Like a Christmas dinner in the summer, it's unconventional though mighty delicious.

The Ultra BOOST has now been washed in a number of colourways, the most remarkable note to take being that the shoe and its unique cut seems to possess chameleon like tendencies. The ability to suit any colour, this latest installment adds a playful zest infusing a bolt of energy into a shoe that has sprinted to the top of the best sellers.

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First impressions may dazzle but give it a second and the sneaker lust soon joins the party. It's bright for the summer, alight for the winter. The technology held within the shoe, adidas say "delivers a consistent performance of hundreds of kilometres, in virtually any condition." Come rain or shine, at work or on the road, it's an innovative shoe featuring the PRIMEKNIT technology that has been designed to blend comfort with support and style at with a new level of swag.

Unlike the made to measure traditions of a shoe, the Ultra BOOST with its Stretch Web outsole adapts and moulds to your foot. For performance, this maximises the energy while not eating up any of it's style enhanced design. A shoe of unrivaled pace, it's a welcome addition to the family.

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