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adidas Originals Launch The Sobakov Boost

Still not even a year old, adidas Originals have given the Predator-inspired Sobakov a retooling for 2019, introducing a Boost midsole to the popular silo, along with a new Accelerator-styled look.

The Sobakov debuted in June last year, taking the on-pitch aesthetics of the Predator Precision and translating it for the pavement, complete with the heritage of the adidas Originals line. It’s popularity continued to grow with each release as the year rolled on, and now, as the silo approaches its one year anniversary, adidas have freshened up its look with some Accelerator inspiration as well as adding a big old dose of Boost into the mix.

Sobakov 4-min.jpg

When checking its list of potential Predator-flavoured inspiration for a Sobakov re-do, adidas wouldn’t have looked much further than the Accelerator to replace the Precision in what is a chronological role reversal. But the altered Three Stripe positioning allows for the introduction of heel supports, which in turn have obviously been brought in to complement the other big new addition.

Aside from the Precision-styled Three Stripes, the other standout feature of the Sobakov line has always been the chunky, wavy outsole, noticeable particularly around the heel. That’s now been replaced by a Boost midsole, as adidas strip back the key features of the Sobakov whilst impressively still keeping the silo’s key DNA; there’s no mistaking this for anything other than a Sobakov, the homage-filled execution is still spot on. 

Sobakov 3-min.jpg

The initial release of the Sobakov Boost will see two colourways available, with the “Chalk White / Core Black / Craft Ochre” look joined by a “Core Black / Gold Metallic / Carbon” option, both of which are just begging to be in your spring summer wardrobe. You want these. We understand, ‘coz so do we.

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