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A Closer Look | adidas Samba Primeknit

We take a detailed look at the new adidas Samba primeknit boot.

Following the launch of the adidas Samba primeknit, we've shot the limited edition boots through the SoccerBible lens to give you an even closer look at one of the years hottest boots. The world's leading sports brands are pioneering a football revolution with knitted footwear technology breaking down the barriers of conventional boot design.

The adidas Samba primeknit is first out of the blocks, launching as 'the world's first knitted football boot'. Competition between adidas and Nike is at an all time high as both present their latest game-changing innovations. First under the spotlight is the three stripes with the Samba primeknit. 

Inspired by the success and feedback of footballers wearing primeknit running shoes adidas set out to incorporate the technology into football. The main intention was to replicate the fit and enhance ball touch by using a barefoot or sock like experience - to create a boot that combines the comfort and responsiveness of playing barefoot with the protection of a traditional design. 

The limited edition release is the first football boot to have an upper that is knitted from heel-to-toe. While traditional football boots are constructed from several pieces, overlay and underlay, the Samba primeknit reduces the amount of materials to a single knitted layer that wraps softly around the foot, following the exact foot shape to offer a pure ball control.

Using just one textile layer also ensures that weight is kept to a minimum with the Samba primeknit tipping the scales at just 165g. That benchmark of weight remains untouched even in the most challenging conditions, as each yarn receives a high precision coating that guarantees water resistance.

The Samba primeknit is the result of 2 years of development and testing, from initial design to lacing up players such as Suarez for feedback to launch. The boot was tested in the harshet winter months to stand up to wetness and coldness and adidas were in constant exchange with players to gather their performance feedback.

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