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Venezia Drop Limited Edition 'Rain Collection'

Keep you covered as Venice’s wet season gets underway, Venezia have released their 21/22 Rain Collection, a limited edition four-piece mini capsule that includes an umbrella, rain poncho, fisherman’s hat, and scarf.

Nothing worse than getting drenched when you’re watching the footy, a feeling something Venice natives in particular will be all too familiar with, especially as their home, Stadio Pierluigi Penzo, is open to all the elements. But the club have got their fans’ backs, dropping a limited edition four-piece mini capsule. 

venezia 7-min.jpg
venezia 4-min.jpg

Each piece of the 21/22 Rain Collection shares a green-and-orange colourway and features a funky “Venezia” graphic that was repurposed from an obscure 101-year-old artwork: a poster designed by Italian painter, illustrator, and designer Emma Bonazzi to celebrate the 1921 “Venezia Estate Coppa del Re” festival.

The standout piece is the umbrella, with a sturdy construction and beautiful aesthetic. The umbrella’s eight-panel canopy features “Venezia” spelled out letter-by-letter across the first seven panels and the Stadio Penzo address and “I Lagunari” (“The Lagooners”) club nickname tastefully printed on the eighth panel.

venezia 6-min.jpg
venezia 5-min.jpg

The rain poncho is a classic stadium item — especially appropriate for Stadio Penzo, where three out of four stands are uncovered and exposed to the nature of the lagoon — in a lightweight polyester with a casual fit that allows it to be worn in spring or over multiple layers later in the year. There is a “VFC” monogram at the upper breast and the back shares the umbrella’s graphic theme.

The fisherman’s hat is 100% cotton with an adjustable cord, featuring “Venezia” on the front and “I Lagunari” on the back. The scarf is 100 percent wool, with “Venezia” on the front and a unique blooming footballs artwork on the back.

venezia 3-min.jpg
venezia 2-min.jpg

Photography: Camilla Glorioso

Stylist: Sara Bianchini

Model: Camilla Vettore

The 21/22 Rain Collection will be available on from 14 April 16:30 CET.

Daniel Jones

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