You know what it’s like; you want to go for a swim, but you also want to show off your support for your team. It’s a real quandary. Well Venezia have offered up the solution (provided you support them, of course) in the form of their 2022 Swimwear collection, produced in collaboration with Venetian swimwear brand, Lido.

No jokes about the side sinking in Serie A here… no, the Venezia x Lido swimwear collection is all about summer style while showing support for the Italian side, with a subtle Lido-inspired take on Venezia’s Arancioneroverde club colours. So what you get is a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit for women and a swim short for men, available in terracotta orange, black, and jade green.

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Aside from the strikingly beautiful and unique landscape, Venice is known for water, and lots of it. But the club have already got you covered in the rainy season, with their limited edition ‘Rain Collection’, but as we head out of that weather and into the sunnier summer, they’ve now got your back poolside too. 

Lido — founded on its namesake island on the Venetian lagoon — have come to be internationally celebrated for timeless silhouettes, minimalist designs, and solid bold colors. The brand’s swimwear pieces, which are produced in Venice and the surrounding region by Italian artisans, utilize sustainable fabrics and innovative manufacturing techniques that have the lowest possible impact on the environment. 

When we approached Lido, we wanted to create a beautiful collection that celebrated Venezia FC and the city of Venice, but there was also a higher purpose,” said Venezia FC chief marketing officer Ted Philipakos. “Lido started their company in Venice, they design and produce in and around Venice, and from the lagoon they have achieved global success — they are an important symbol of what young people can do in this city; they are a symbol that Venice is still a living city. At the same time, Lido remains a values-driven company, with a dedication to sustainable production. For Venezia FC, we want to leverage our position in this city and in the world’s most popular sport to help uplift inspiring local brands like Lido and tell stories that help move our city forward.

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When Venezia FC approached us, we were excited to begin this journey, translating their club's colours, and the vibrant energy and team spirit they connote, into our own signature language of timeless Lido design,” said Lido founder Daria Stankiewicz. “Venice and the islands of the lagoon have always been at the heart of everything Lido has ever done. We are a company that was born and has evolved through the tides of this unique landscape, it feels only natural that we have now come together with another team that has grown and developed around the ecosystem of the lagoon. Venezia FC symbolises the perfect harmony where tradition meets contemporary edge, where collective drive and passion translates into rewarding contributions to the city of Venice itself, expanding its identity into the contemporary world as a thriving modern center where real people live, work, and play.

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The Venezia x Lido collection is available now on