40 years on from the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, Kappa and Venezia have brought back one of the most iconic looks from the event, recreating the official uniform worn by the US National Track & Field team for the LA84 collection.

Back in November last year, Venezia and Nivelcrack unveiled their first collaborative collection as the club shifted into a new lane of creativity and output post Ted Philipakos. Now, the Serie B side reveal their latest standout collection to come from technical sponsor Kappa, and it’s inspired by some throwback threads that also stood out 40 years ago, when they first appeared on the US National Track & Field team at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

With the Paris Olympics fast approaching and on the 40th anniversary of the historic edition, which saw the rise of world sports legends such as the "The Son of the Wind” Carl Lewis, LA84 pays tribute to America's sports heritage and the iconic history of the Olympic Games. The two-piece silver tracksuit was worn by the ArancioNeroVerdi players as they arrived at Penzo Stadium for the Venezia-Modena game this weekend, and it features the iconic "banda" that, throughout the 1980s, allowed Kappa to receive worldwide visibility for its innovative design that inextricably linked sports and innovation, continuing to receive almost universal praise today, existing as a mark of pure class in the modern game.

venezia 5-min.jpg
venezia 4-min.jpg
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venezia 2-min.jpg

The LA84 collection is available at shop.veneziafc.it and at the official Venezia FC stores in Rialto and SS Apostoli, in Venice, as well as at the Ca' Venezia store in Mestre.