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BOTTER Combines adidas Predators With Derbys At Paris Fashion Week

Fashion, eh? It’s a funny old game and it’s fair to say we don’t all have to get it. Case in point: the upcoming collaboration between Parisian label BOTTER and adidas, which uses recent Predator models, amalgamating them with Derby shoes, as showcased on the catwalks of this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week, like other big city Fashion weeks, has been one to keep an eye on in recent years, with numerous stars often in attendance, from Beckham and Neymar in the past to Pogba, Verratti and Lewandowski this year. The glitz and glamour creates the perfect platform to fully showcase the way the fashion world is embracing the influence of football culture, and this year it is the turn of Parisian label BOTTER, who, while showing off its Fall/Winter 2022 collection titled “Dear Earth”, unveiled an upcoming collaboration with adidas in quite radical style.

botter 1-min.jpg
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The distinct footwear was spotted on the runway models, and it quite clearly shows adidas predators mounted on top of a squashed Derby shoe. Both the current generation Predator Edge and the previous iteration, the Freak, were used, although the former was certainly more prominent. 

Both the ‘Edge of Darkness’ and ‘Sapphire Edge’ Predator Edge colourways were utilised in their laced '.1' option, although the latter was coated in additional silver and gold iridescent paints, obviously for that added level of shimmer and shine, while the black 'Edge of Darkness' sat almost seamlessly with the usual look of a Derby shoe. Almost...

It’s not the first time BOTTER has performed a similar move, having presented a Nike VaporMax sitting on top of a Derby shoe back in its SS18 show. ‘The Banker Shoe’, as it was titled, has since then been revealed in three different colourways, with the third generation model released in AW21.

botter 11-min.jpg
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If you fancy squashing an adidas Predator on to a Derby shoe then you can get them from The Preds that is, you'll have to source the Derbys elsewhere...

Daniel Jones

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