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adidas Originals Host Retro Jersey Pop-Up At Paris Fashion Week

Turning the clock back for some nostalgic kicks, adidas Originals opened a vintage pop-up at Paris Fashion Week, and it was full of retro football jerseys.

Paris Fashion Week is a wrap, and one of the stand-out activations in the French capital came from adidas Originals, who opened a vintage market pop-up on 42 Rue de Sevigne in the Marais district. Having discovered all that football shirt design has to offer, the fashion world has fully embraced jersey culture. But with current jersey culture drawing upon the retro vibes of the 80s and 90s for modern day inspiration, adidas Originals decided it was time to take the fashion world back to that OG era, opening a pop-up at Paris Fashion Week that was full of retro fits.

A celebration of football culture, the space featured iconic vintage jerseys and football pieces curated by Marie Gaguech, Melissa Bon, princewaly, as well as a host of other niche boutiques. The pop-up drew in several key names from the football world, including fashion-forward Jules Kounde, Marco Asensio, and Moussa Dembele, with the former two athletes latching on to retro jerseys of their national teams.

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Photography by @joaquimbayle

Daniel Jones

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