The work of First Twelve approaches football with an entirely unique compass. It's with subtle nods to the game, backed by serious confidence and a real independent identity that this bespoke brand goes to work. Launching the FW17 Lookbook, it's more of the unexpected that is to be celebrated.

First Twelve are a creative ensemble with a strong eye for stylised design. Helping create the swell where football meets fashion it is a brand that stands for a good time and a strong look. You've only got to go on previous collections such as FW15 and SS16 to know that any fresh instalment to the product line is going to be well delivered.

Hitting the bar and raising it in the process, the FW17 shifts the focus once more as it looks to reference a 'true fall essence' and with a 'study abroad' and 'university theme' running riot throughout, it's an offering that hits a new term with hella charm.

First Twelve FW17 Lookbook portraits 2_0005_Layer 1.jpg
First Twelve FW17 Lookbook portraits 2_0004_fw17_13.jpg
First Twelve FW17 Lookbook portraits 2_0003_fw17_9.jpg
First Twelve FW17 Lookbook portraits 2_0002_fw17_4.jpg

Iconic logos have been reworked as sponsors and we can see brands like Treviso and Segafredo being tweaked and re-homed for these wears. Additionally, where big graphics are concerned, you can see inspiration of the Sevilla crest being used and while that's suitably paired up with a tasteful use of vintage Lotto, it's a collective look that travels from an authentic 90s aesthetic through to a contemporary state of mind.

First Twelve FW17 Lookbook portraits 2_0001_fw17_16.jpg
First Twelve FW17 Lookbook portraits 2_0000_fw17_6.jpg

A perfect play on old and new while not falling head over heels with football referencing, it's a serving the shows how a brand can nod to the game without over killing it. There's serious character and a outspoken edge though from top to bottom there's shades of good. Warm up wear, track pants, tasteful sweats and all the accessories to form a perfect get up. It's all there.

Check out the full First Twelve Fall/Winter 17 collection here