Inspired by European football-wear; Croation motifs, subdue colours and old school nods to the stripes of vintage kits, First Twelve have dropped their FW15 lookbook.

Plenty of grain with a lot of give, their noted spoofs of sponsors such as Pirelli help bring the world of football and fashion together. First twelve truly unique in style have not worried about any stops as they've delivered this lookbook - it's pedal to the floor as their relentlessly cool approach hits the mark.

Some description

A Copa hoodie, windbreaker jackets and an all round smart collection of football appreciating pieces put their 'Union of First Twelve' range right up there. The retro nods with a contemporary finish bring off the pitch culture to a game polished with so much high end creativity, there's something beautifully DIY about First Twelve - that general feeling, a collective of independent football fans united by this brand, makes you want a slice of the action. No doubts.

You can get involved and join the union here. A lookbook of the highest order, hats off.