Cries for the return of the adidas Predator have echoed around changing rooms since the iconic series was retired in 2015. A long two years of Predless pitches followed, but now, our lord and saviour David Beckham comes galloping over the horizon on a stallion of nostalgia to launch his adidas Football x David Beckham Capsule Collection.

If there's one man that can handle the trust and expectation of generations to deliver when it matters most, then it's David Beckham. From the pressure of bending in a stoppage time free-kick, to being tasked with reinventing one of football's most loved boots; in Beckham we trust, and once again he's proved our trust to be well placed by teaming up with adidas to launch a remastered version of the adidas Predator Accelerator.


Celebrating the twenty-plus year partnership between the Three Stripes and Beckham, adidas have nurtured their Accelerator on a healthy diet of heritage and modern innovation, and dressed it in a triple white suit to merge generations and create new ones.

The Beckham Capsule Collection launches in a tasteful trio, with Stadium, Cage and Street UltraBOOST editions forming the full adidas Predator Accelerator series. Beckham himself played a central role in creating the collection with concept meetings in London and follow-up design trips to adidas HQ in Germany. During the concept phase, Beckham identified the Accelerator as his favourite boot and the colours of red, white and black as the most important to his career. The result was a collection that celebrated these colours – a triple-white ‘Stadium’ boot, triple-black ‘Street’ shoe and triple-red ‘Cage’ shoe.


Beckham explained the story behind the capsule: “When I look back on the best moments of my career, the one defining theme of them all is the adidas Predator. It has always been there, helping me play my best when it mattered most. That’s why when adidas offered me the chance to design an updated version of the boot for on-pitch, in the cage and on the street, I absolutely jumped at the chance."

The former England captain helped adidas install the Predator as the most iconic football boot of the modern game by wearing it for the majority of his career. Individual moments of brilliance followed for club and country, moments that were chosen by Beckham and stitched into the collar of each of the three designs.


The three shirt numbers synonymous with his career are marked on the heel of each shoe – 23 on the triple-white ‘Stadium’ boot, 32 on the triple-black ‘Street’ shoe and the famous number 7 on the triple-red ‘Cage’ shoe. Even the lettering blends the original Predator typeface with Beckham’s name and number to produce a modern twist on a classic.

Nailed it. Absolutely nailed it. The next challenge? Getting hold of a pair. All three editions of the David Beckham x adidas Football Capsule Collection will be available in limited numbers, and you want all three.

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