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Kappa & Big Mamma Combine For Collab Capsule

Arriving as a true ode to Italy from French shores, Kappa and Big Mamma, standard bearers of authentic Italian cuisine in France since 2015, have come together for a lifestyle capsule collection.

The Kappa Cup is arguably the world's most stylish five-a-side football tournament, and for the third year running it’s set to unfold, only this time it’s expanding to become international for the first time ever. The stages will be Madrid, Genoa and Paris, each specifically selected to underline the football and cultural identity that has always distinguished Kappa's work. Each event will see the participation of three teams belonging to communities, artistic and cultural collectives that animate and define the city's identity, welding the relationship between sport and the territory through the most beautiful game. And so we get a new entry in Kappa’s collaboration with Big Mamma; the Italian brand combining with the Italian restaurant for an organic ode to their shared home nation.

Big Mamma will take part in the Paris edition of the Kappa Cup on 31 May, and this capsule combines the excellence of Big Mamma's cuisine with the iconic style of Kappa. It was conceived as a tribute to Neapolitan street style, fusing the pride of the fans, the love of sport, and team spirit in its strongest form: the collective.

The Big Mamma jersey boasts a retro feel through its distinctive white and green stripes and classic collar, embellished by gold accents. That shirt is joined by tee and hoody, both of which see a white base complemented by the Kappa Omini in banda formation running down the sleeves in green.

Big Mamma 12 Min
Big Mamma 13 Min
Big Mamma 14 Min
Big Mamma 4 Min
Big Mamma 5 Min
Big Mamma 6 Min
Big Mamma 3 Min
Big Mamma 7 Min
Big Mamma 8 Min
Big Mamma 9 Min
Big Mamma 11 Min
Big Mamma 10 Min

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Daniel Jones

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